June 7, 2019
HeliosAltas Partners with West African Energy Leader in Support of Regional Electrification Efforts
October 2, 2020


The potential of hydrokinetic power has been generating a lot attention in recent years, as the world continues to search for more reliable renewable energy options. While solar and wind are extremely beneficial, and definitely key to the future of renewables, these sources of power are not always as consistent as we may like. In addition, hydropower cannot be overlooked as a source of renewable energy. We’re not talking about large hydroelectric plants here, we’re talking about microhydro plants and the innovative approach HeliosAltas has taken in developing the first movable hydropower technology.

The Helios PowerBall is a new take on the old-school waterwheel, with a major difference–this hydropower device does not get caught up by debris, can rise and fall with changing water levels and can be moved out of the water flow with ease when required. Wherever the water is flowing, the device and its technology can be used to produce clean electricity at very low cost. This means instead of building massive dams, which can have a negative impact on nearby communities and the surrounding environment, communities and individuals can generate power using existing resources. Canals, industrial water loops, rivers and tidal flows are all potential sources of energy. Even the bases of existing dams could be promising source of energy.

Benefits of Portable Microhydro Units

Our smaller than 5 kW Helios PowerBalls™ are uniquely portable. Some of the main benefits of portable microhydro units are the flexibility of location, ease of use and the low setup and maintenance costs. Even parts of the world where hydroeletricity has been largely discounted, can rapidly begin seeing substantial results with this movable hydropower technology.
A few of the situations where portable microhydro units could be put to good use include:

  • Temporarily deployment to disaster zones, for military purposes, at construction sites and for other urgent needs;
  • Seasonal usage at fishing camps, as well as mining or logging sites; and
  • Recreational activities.

Production of Hydropower Energy, Without the Environmental Impact

Producing hydropower energy with smaller, mobile units allows for an inconsequential impact on the environment. Water will be able to continue flowing in rivers and streams. Fish and local wildlife will still be able to access existing water sources and not have aquatic passage impeded. Debris, silt and fluctuation in flow conditions can be coped with easily as these units don’t touch bottom, even when water flow decreases or diminishes entirely.
If you are looking to tap into the benefits of hydropower, either on a temporary or permanent basis, the Helios PowerBall units or PowerWheel units may be exactly what you need. Contact us today to discuss your current needs and to find out what we can do for you.