HeliosAltas & Rampinelli S.P.A. sign MOU to explore manufacturing and development projects for Helios PowerWheel in Italy and Europe

Roseville, CA – June 8, 2016 -- HeliosAltas Corporation (HA) is launching the deployment of it's Helios PowerWheel™ in Italy with the assistance of Rampinelli S.p.A.. The parties have signed a MOU agreeing to form a cooperative venture for the purposes of developing projects, support servicing and selling the PowerWheel.

The Parties plan to explore the establishment of a suitable assembly and/or manufacturing facilities in Italy and other locations in Europe to more efficiently and cost effectively supply the demand for products in Europe. Michael Carroll, HeliosAltas CEO, said "The European market has channelized water throughout the continent, so it is an ideal location to deploy the PowerWheel in series to create a Hydro-Farm™ to provide consistent renewable energy."

"With the Paris Climate Conference establishing the overwhelming support of Clean Energy Technologies, such as the PowerWheel, now is the time to put such technology to use. The micro-hydro is also the fastest growing hydro power segment, and the Power Wheel is positioned to bring a technological breakthrough in this industry" Gabriele Rampinelli, Rampinelli S.p.A. COO stated. The scope of cooperation under this MOU consists of joint efforts to evaluate and ascertain the Italian market and to develop commercial projects utilizing the PowerWheel technology. The installation, operation and obtaining long term Power Purchase Agreements utilizing these initial units may also be undertaken under this agreement.

About the Helios PowerWheel™
The Helios PowerWheel is the world's first suspended hydroelectric generator producing clean renewable power with zero emissions. The Helios PowerWheel rises and falls with changing water levels automatically so it does not catch debris and allows full aquatic passage. All of the generation components are contained within the shell of the unit making it the first truly modular hydro technology. This low impact power generation can be deployed quickly. The Helios PowerWheel requires little to no civil infrastructure and it is designed to be added to existing projects to capture unused energy. Units can be installed in series or parallel in Hydro-Farms™ to produce megawatts of power. All this means it is a truly green, ultra-low cost, energy solution.

Rampinelli has been in operation since 1913 in the manufacturing sector with clients from all over the world, specializing in custom metal construction of mid and large size components. The company specializes in following: Mechanical Machining, Mid-large Size Fabrication, Construction of Machinery & Equipment, Revamping and Regeneration, Assembly and Maintenance Activities. Learn more at http://www.rampinelli.eu

About the HeliosAltas Corporation
HeliosAltas Corporation is bringing worldwide access to cost-competitive, zero emission energy. The company is made up of a team of highly motivated people working to moving the world to zero carbon energy production by developing projects based on its unique low impact hydroelectric technologies. HeliosAltas manufactures sustainable technologies that it utilizes to develop projects both directly and through global partnerships. Learn more at http://www.heliosaltas.com/

Michael Carroll, HeliosAltas Corp. USA +1-844-HELIOS-1 (844-435-4671) or info@heliosaltas.com Gabriele Rampinelli, Rampinelli S.p.A. Italy +39 035 751508 or info@rampinelli.eu

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