What is the PowerBall?

The Helios PowerBall is a water wheel like device that generates electricity when placed in moving water.

How is the PowerBall different than a water wheel?

Water wheel are stationary and generally attached to a small house that contains a generator, mill, etc. The PowerBall is a self-contained generation system that is designed for dynamic environments.

What differentiates the PowerBall from it's competitors?

The PowerBall was purposely built to address the market needs: cost competitive, scalable to utility levels, non-blocking, with a low environmental impact.

How is the PowerBall mounted?

The PowerBall can be mounted in several configurations. In canals the PowerBall is suspended by arms connect to an frame that spans the flow, in streams and creeks Helios invented a device (the SpeedTrap) that incorporates a mounting system and a funneling system to provide the perfect flow to the PowerBall, Helios also provides.

How are PowerBalls physically secured from theft?

PowerBall can be reasonable secured with a lock and chain in most locations. In high traffic areas, PowerBalls can be fitted with locking type nuts, camera's, and alarm components. PowerBalls can also be outfitted with GPS service to assist in fast recovery.

Can PowerBalls harm people?

PowerBalls can harm people if instructions and safety precautions are not followed. Caution must be used when deploying or operating PowerBall. Only trained people should install, operate, or maintain PowerBalls.

Do PowerBalls harm fish?

PowerBalls can be set to allow full aquatic passage of resident fish or other wildlife by simply suspended the PowerBall above the canal/stream bottom.

How is the electricity from the PowerBall's used?

Electicity produced by the PowerBall can be placed on the grid or used to power remote loads.

What is the expected maintenance?

Commercial PowerBalls in typical deployments require preventative maintenance annually; greasing bearings, inspecting gears and wires, etc.

Can PowerBalls break loose?

It is possible that a PowerBall can be broke from the mounting. In typical deployments a secondary tether is implemented to prevent downstream travel. Additionally, PowerBalls can be fitted with GPS transmitters to speed location of lost units.

How much does the PowerBall Cost?

Personal PowerBall hardware starts at $5K per kW with installation and integration the customers responsibility. Commercial PowerBall projects are typically around $5K per kW installed.

How can PowerBalls produce energy so inexpensively?

Simplicity - the Helios PowerBall has few expensive moving parts and employs a purpose built design.

Can PowerBalls be jammed with aquatic plants, rocks, mud, trees, etc.?

The PowerBall can to allow debris to pass, as in a canal deployment.

How much electricity does a PowerBall produce?

PowerBall are only limited by the flow. They can be deployed in arrays to from Hydro-Farms that span miles of canals.

How close can I put PowerBalls together?

PowerBall placements should allow the water to recover its energy, which is normally about the same depth as the PowerBall.

How large of a flow do I need to operated a PowerBall?

The smallest PowerBalls are designed for 2cfs flows.

Are PowerBalls portable?

PowerBalls are designed to be easily installed and removed, the smaller sizes can be moved manually.

Will PowerBalls work in my location?

There are several factors that need to be determined when planning a Helios PowerBall deployment. Please start with and/or contact us to discuss.

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