Small Hydro: Tapping Into Europe's Hydropower Infrastructure Potential

Despite many parts of the country and world experiencing various levels of drought, hydroelectric can still be a source of renewable power from which countless communities can tap into using existing infrastructures. In fact, our company has engineered a way to tap into the benefits of small hydro with very little environmental impact. Through the use of our patented PowerBall and PowerWheel systems, and infrastructures already in place, but not in use, zero emissions energy can begin being generated at low costs and without the need for lengthy construction projects, harmful dams being built or significant water waste.

The interesting part is that more of these infrastructures exist that you may realize. For example, in Europe, Restor Hydro has mapped out more than 50,000 sites which could easily become viable sources of hydropower. These sites represent only about 14.3 percent out of a potential 350,000 small and micro hydropower sites in Europe, and that's without even taking into consideration other areas around the globe.

The European sites house water wheels, mills, defunct or inoperable hydroelectric stations, and flowing waterways which are ideal in design for our green energy technology. What this means is communities in and around these sites can quickly tap into their country's hydropower infrastructure potential with very little effort required. Aquatic passage does not need to be impeded, neither does the current flow of water or environment in the surrounding area. Immediate efficiency can be gained by tapping into resources already in place.

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Waterwheel image by nonuou shared under Flickr Creative Commons license.

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