Hydrokinetic Disaster Relief Units: Dispatchable Power Without the Need for Fuel

When disaster hits, those in the affected areas generally have an immediate need for relief. Depending on the type and severity of the disaster, it is quite common to find people in need of access to clean water, food, lighting, clothes, shelter, energy and other emergency services. Unless these people get the resources they require, their lives will be in further danger.

Some of the required assistance will come from established relief organizations, like the Red Cross, but what about energy sources? If fuel lines are damaged, or fuel is inaccessible, what are these people to do? How will emergency workers access the energy they need to provide certain services like basic lighting, medical care, shelter and fresh meals? What about the energy needed to conduct search and rescue operations or to keep day-to-day disaster relief operations intact? The answer: hydrokinetic disaster relief units from HeliosAltas.

Got Water? We Have a Way to Get You Energy.

With hydrokinetic disaster relief units from HeliosAltas, all you need is a source of flowing water and we have a way to get you energy. You don't have to wait until the sun comes out or wind begins to blow. In disaster situations, our units could be flown in and installed right away so energy production and emergency power could be provided to those in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our units provide dispatchable power without the need for fuel. A running river, an existing canal, tidal flow or any available moving body of water is all that would be required for us to get you the energy disaster victims so desperately need.
Our units could be used following disaster scenarios such as:

  • Nepal's devastating earthquake earlier this year
  • Hurricane Sandy in October 2012
  • Japan's 9.0 earthquake and resultant tsunami in March 2011
  • Kashmir's 7.6 magnitude earthquake back in 2005
  • Hurricane Katrina in August 2005
  • The tsunami that hit Indonesia in December 2004

Whether disaster is brought-about through natural or man-made causes, our units can help fulfill the immediate need for emergency power. With this resource on hand, residents and relief workers will have access to a reliable energy source that can help in the generation of countless emergency services.

Emergency Power Doesn't Have to Be a Problem Anymore

With Helios PowerBalls™, emergency power doesn't have to be a problem anymore. Units can be brought in, set up and gotten into operation in short order, with low expense and at very little additional environmental cost to the already damaged areas.  People will be able to gain access to power without having to wait days, weeks or longer for repairs to be made and fuel to be trucked in to their location.  Using dispatchable hydroelectric power can help get an area and its people back on its feet following a disaster and provide a stability otherwise unattainable. 
If you or your organization would like more information on HeliosAltas and our hydrokinetic disaster relief units, reach out to us at our home office or through one of our international partners.

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