Hydro-Electric Power: Why Bigger Isn't Always Better

While hydropower is considered to be a source of renewable energy by the federal government, the construction of large hydropower dams has generated a lot of negative press and general opposition in recent months. This doesn't mean all hydro-electric power should be discounted. When it comes to hydroelectric, people need to remember...bigger isn't always better. Small-hydro can harness the untapped potential of this renewable in the United States and around the world with far less risk. 

What Micro-Hydro Units Can Do

With the right micro-hydro units, zero emission energy can be produced around the clock, regardless of whether it is day or night. As long as water continues to flow, micro-hydro technology (as found in the Helios PowerBall™ and PowerWheel™ units) can generate power with as little as two inches of moving water.
Micro-hydro units can be used to take advantage of existing infrastructures, without the need for new construction and at very little cost. Companies with industrial water loops, cities with access to natural rivers or man-made canals, and communities close to the water's edge (where tides flow) have renewable energy resources within their grasps. All they need to do is tap into this hydro-electric power through the use of micro-hydro units.
Energy production is also much more predictable with small hydrokinetic units, and not as destructive to the surrounding environment. This makes it a clear choice for energy production. Existing dams and canals may be able to see improved gains in efficiency with the addition of a micro-hydro unit.

Energy Potential with HydroFarms

When individual PowerBalls are connected together to create a Hydro-Farm™, energy output can be increased to the multi-MW level. In a fast-flowing canal, it is reasonable to generate more than 2 MW of clean, renewable hydropower per mile. The potential is there, it just needs to be tapped. To find out more about the hydrokinetic products we offer and the options available, contact HeliosAltas. We would be happy to discuss your needs and help you take advantage of our micro-hydro technology.

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