How HeliosAltas Can Help Meet the Rising Demand for Renewables

Now that COP21 has concluded, and the Paris climate agreement has been adopted by more than 190 countries, it is very likely we will see the demand for renewables increase even more than it has in recent years.

According to CNBC, the overall objective for the long-term is to keep global warming "well below 2 degrees Celsius (4.6 degrees Fahrenheit)" and explore options which could limit the temperature rise, caused in no small part by greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy will no doubt play a significant role in the reduction of such harmful emissions.

The problem is, utilities are not always able or willing to offer what large corporations want. This has caused corporations like Google, Walmart, Apple, GM, Costco and others to go elsewhere in search of renewables. Fortunately, HeliosAltas has developed an innovative and cost-effective hydrokinetic power generation system which can help meet the rising demand for renewables.

Our Units Are Equipped to Produce 3-4 Times the MWH

Built based on the traditional waterwheel design, our patented technology allows our units to produce 3-4 times the MHW than many other renewables with the same size unit. In addition, Helios PowerBall™ and Helios PowerWheel™ units can easily be connected into an array, thus creating Hydro-Farms™, capable of raising power output to the multi-MW level.

Constant Power Support for a Facility

Unlike solar or wind power, which can be unpredictable at times, our units provide constant power support for a facility. Whether a facility wishes to tap into a running river, an existing dam or canal, local tidal flow or an industrial closed-loop water system, our units provide constant power support with clean, renewable energy. Two inches of flowing water is required to start energy production.  

Hydrocarbon Power Backup: We Offer Little to No Hidden Costs

As far as hydrocarbon power backup is concerned, we have little to no hidden costs. Hydrokinetic energy production is not like wind or solar; even our smallest hydro units can provide energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as long as water continues to flow. Our units provide a reliable source of zero emission, Renewable Energy Credits (REC) and Carbon Credits for off-grid and grid-tied users alike.

HydroKinetic: More Valuable Power for Grid Support

To meet the rising demand for renewables, individuals and corporations need a continued and trusted source of power. The hydrokinetic energy our PowerBall units generate is a much more valuable power for grid support. Users won't have to wait for the sun to come up or the wind to blow. As water flows, energy is produced and excess power can be supplied to the grid to keep operations running.

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