How Facilities with Closed-Loop Water Systems Can Cut Costs by Capturing Energy from Falling Water

Many companies and industries could be missing out on a very, valuable resource despite their efforts to lower their environmental footprints, go green, cut costs and tap into the benefits afforded through renewable energy. Did you know, facilities with closed-loop water systems actually have a source of hydrokinetic power right there? It's true. Power plants, steel mills, waste water treatment facilities, cement plant, food processing plants and other factories with closed-loop water systems can cut costs by capturing energy from falling water.

Going Green Doesn't Have to Be Costly

One of the benefits of installing a hydroelectric unit in industrial water loops is going green doesn't have to be costly. With the proper equipment and technology, many closed-loop water systems could be turned into viable sources of hydroelectric power in very little time and without much upfront cost. No need to worry about the cost and installation required for solar panels, or the space and permits needed to construct a wind turbine. If you've got a closed-loop water system with falling water in your facility, we've got a device that can help you capture and utilize the hydroelectric power being generated.

What Is the Helios PowerBall™?

The Helios PowerBall is an innovative approach to the traditional waterwheel. For countless years, people have been tapping into the power of water to provide energy or power operations. Now, you don't even need to have your facility along a running river or stream to take advantage of hydropower. Helios PowerBalls can be placed under the falling water of your closed-loop system and you can begin generating energy in no time at all. All the generation components are contained inside the patented unit, to allow for ease of installation, use and portability. Units can even be custom designed to fit your needs.

Whether you want minimal energy production, or you wish to maximize the amount of energy your closed-loop system is capable of generating, Helios PowerBalls offer tremendous potential. To learn more about how you can cut costs by capturing energy from falling water in a closed-loop water system, call our offices now. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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